Raw Pana Chocolate – nutritionally superior to standard chocolate?

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With its delectable selection of raw desserts and chocolates, Pana Chocolate burst onto the foodie scene with great success. Many foodie instagram accounts are overflowing with their visually appealing chocolate creations. But how does this organic raw chocolate compare to a run of the mill chocolate bar? Lets compare it with the old favourite, Mars bar.

Pana Chocolate contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, with the benefit of being preservative free and allergy friendly due to its vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free composition. The Mars bar on the other hand, boasts none of these claims, but how do the two bars compare nutrition panel wise? Lets review the two products, bar to bar.

Pana Chocolate raw chocolate bar (45g) – $7 Mars Bar (53 grams) – $2.20
•       FAT: 18.9 grams •       FAT: 9 grams
•       Sat FAT: 13.8 grams •       Sat FAT: 4.3 grams
•       Sugar: 10.2 grams – 2.5 tsps. •       Sugar: 30.3 grams – 7.2 tsps.
•       Sodium: 17.7mg •       Sodium: 76 mg
•       Kilojoules: 972 kjs •       Kilojoules: 1007kjs

You can see from the above nutritional breakdown that while the sugar and sodium present in the raw Pana bar is less than the Mars bar, the total fat, including saturated fat, is much higher in the Pana bar.

When we compare overall kilojoules per bar, there is a minimal difference, with 972 kilojoules for the Pana compared to 1007 kilojoules for the Mars bar. The reasoning for the similar kilojoules despite the Mars bar being much higher in sugar is due to the Pana’s higher fat content, which is more energy dense than sugar per gram. The higher fat content in the Pana can be attributed to its high concentration of coconut oil and cacao butter, products both high in saturated fat.

Now, I am in no way suggesting that the Mars bar is the superior nutritional alternative here, far from it. Instead my objective is to stress the reality that although the Pana chocolate bar is organic, raw, allergy friendly and lower in sugar, it is still an energy dense product. Like the Mars bar, its consumption will make a quick and significant contribution to your overall kilojoule intake. There is no reason to stop enjoying your Pana chocolate (I do!), but try to enjoy it as a treat in moderation rather than a daily ‘healthy’ snack.